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School Profile

Our Beliefs:

  • All students can learn.
  • Students should experience success each day.
  • Students perform best with high expectations.
  • Students learn best when community and parents are involved.
  • School should be a safe and orderly place for learning.
  • Technology should be incorporated into the learning process.
  • Current research should be utilized to determine and implement the best teaching practices.
  • Ongoing assessment is needed to adequately address the needs of the students.
  • In addition to academics, schools should foster development of life skills.
  • Decision-making is a shared process.
  • Faculty and staff should participate in professional growth.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.
CARE Expections:
C ooperate
A chieve
R espect
E mpower

History of Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

The first school in West View was in an old store building on the corner of Fairview Avenue and Lowell Drive. A box supper was held to make money to pay the rent and the teacher.  

In 1923,the school was relocated to a house on Fairview Avenue.  

In 1925, the school was moved into the new school building located on Charles Street. The first principal of this school was Vestal Barr. Soon there were more children than could be taken care of, so a second building was constructed for grades 1-3.  

In 1933, the school which is now located on Lake Street was built. It consisted of the middle section, which houses the present office/library area, and two wings.  

Fire destroyed the building in 1936. The walls were left standing, and the school was rebuilt, adding some extra rooms. This was completed during the 1936 and 1937 school year.  

The new wing, which contains the Multipurpose room, kindergarten first and second grade classrooms, was built in 1962. That addition completed the square shape of the school.  

West View Elementary of Sullivan County became a city school in the school year 1990-91. For the first two years the school was named Jackson-West because it was considered an annex of Jackson Elementary School. The third year, the school was renamed "West" to indicate that it was no longer a part of Jackson Elementary.  

In 1993, it was decided that the school would be renamed for a deceased president as are the other elementary schools in the Kingsport City School System. After researching and campaigning for their choices, the staff and students voted, and the school was renamed. From the 1993-94 school year on it has been called Theodore Roosevelt Elementary.  

Our Principals

Mr. A. S. Jackson (1948)
Mr. George O'Dell (1948-1969)
Mr. Leonard Ashworth (1969-1970)
Mr. Robert Dulaney (1970-1986)
Mr. Steve Odom (1986-1990)
Dr. Gary Martin (1990-1994)
Dr. Tony England (1994-2003)

Dr. Dwain Arnold (2003-2008)

Mr. Michael Hubbard   (2008-2009)
Mr. Mike Fulkerson   (2009-2014)

Mrs. Nikki Skeen (2015-2017)

Mrs. Kelli Seymour (2017-2020)

Dr. Philip Wright (2020-present)